CoVault now accepting Bitcoin


We have some fantastic news! CoVault is an innovative company that likes to stay ahead of the curve. So, we’ve decided to make a change that embraces the latest digital ingenuity and gives our clients even more flexibility. CoVault is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

There is no doubt that you’ll have heard of Bitcoin. Everyone is talking about it. Not only is cryptocurrency a step towards an even more digitalised future, but it’s also an exciting new way to pay. While change is sometimes scary, we believe that embracing new ideas is the best way to enhance the experience of our clients. Cryptocurrency may be a buzz word for now, but we believe it is going to become only more popular. We are definitely in the minority when it comes to offering Bitcoin as a payment, but we’re happy to help lead the charge. CoVault is following in the steps of innovative entrepreneurs like Elon Musk in order to ensure that our flexible office clients get the best service now and in the future.

So, you can now pay with cryptocurrency. However, if you’re not currently in the know you may be confused as to what this means. How is cryptocurrency different from paying with a debit card? While your debit card is linked to a bank and Government, cryptocurrency is a little different. It is instead regulated by the use of encryption techniques. There are a number of benefits to skipping this middle-man when it comes to paying. It leads to safer and fast transactions. While it may seem complicated, when it comes to paying with Bitcoin at CoVault, the process is simple. We’ll simply send you the amount to pay in Bitcoin and our payment address. It’s as simple as a debit card payment.

What difference will this make when it comes to CoVault’s services? Well, by in large it won’t. You receive the same fantastic service as usual. Whether you are wanting to rent an office space, industrial studio or virtual office; we pride ourselves on providing clients with a high-quality service. Adding Bitcoin as a form of payment is just a bonus. By offering Bitcoin, we are offering more people the chance to use our services. More flexibility and options are always a good thing, after all.

We know that the concept of cryptocurrency can be confusing if you’ve never heard of it. While it is growing in popularity, it is still early days. However, we are willing and happy to explain in more detail to any client who wants to hear more about it. Just get in contact and we will explain the benefits and process.