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We’ve all learned a lot from over a year of working at home. For one, ensuring that there is a line between home and work is extremely important. Some people are able to manage this seamlessly. They can force themselves awake at 7 am, complete their work at 4 pm, and leave their work behind afterwards. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Some people are simply unable to turn off working mode if their workplace is their home. Over time it leaves you burnout and unhappy as it feels like you never get to leave work. Our office space in East Kilbride can make a big difference if you relate to this. We provide you with a literal division between home and work life with an external workspace for you to work from.

Why work from our office space in East Kilbride?

Office Space in East Kilbride

Never leaving your workplace takes a toll on your mental health. Instead of working 30 hours or so, you end up working around the clock. This is because there is no division between home and office. Our office space in East Kilbride provides you with an external space to work so that this isn’t a problem. Even if you do have the discipline required to separate home life and work life, our office space offers a wide range of benefits to clients. For example, working from an external office space means giving yourself some privacy. Instead of giving your clients your home address, you can conduct meetings in one of our meeting rooms. However, unlike working in a permanent office, you also have the flexibility of working from home as we offer 24/7 access. You can work to your schedule, while still having the benefits of working away from home.

Why opt for CoVault?

There are a number of external offices in the area, so why should you go for our office space in East Kilbride? Well, we offer our clients a luxurious space to work in that comes with a number of extra benefits. All of our office spaces are fully furnished and clients will have access to a communal kitchen. Our building is kitted our with superfast fibre internet and lounge spaces so our clients will be sure to be able to do their best work. Your electricity, heating and maintenance are all included with your rental fee, so it’s a lot cheaper than renting your own office space. Basically, you get all the benefits of working in a high-quality office, without having to pay for the maintenance and upkeep charges. It’s a win-win.

If you do prefer to work from home, we still offer services that will make your life easier. We offer a virtual office service. With our virtual office service, you will be able to use a city centre address for your business and you’ll be able to make use of our mailboxes. This ensures that you have privacy. Giving your clients your home address or having it listed on the internet, isn’t ideal. With the virtual office service, you also have a reduced rate to use our meeting room. This provides you with a professional space to meet with clients or business partners.

If you’re interested in either office space or our virtual office, please be sure to get in contact. If you’re looking to make the most of existing office space, why not consider our self-storage services?