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It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain a sense of privacy. Social media encourages us to share every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, this is becoming less of an opt-in process. News, businesses, and many basic interactions are now hosted on social media channels. Even schools now have Twitter accounts to announce events and parent … Continued

Office Space Livingston

Do you work at home but miss the camaraderie of an office? Do you struggle to keep motivated with things distracting you in the house? You’re not alone. This is a thing that many people struggle with. Being self-disciplined enough to be able to sit down and power through work is a skill in itself. … Continued

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It’s almost the end of 2021. For many of us, it’s been another year of trying to adapt to a new way of working. There is no doubt that many feel burnt out. As we head into 2022, there are some things that we should look at trying to feel motivated once again. Whether you … Continued